When you choose blinds for your home, you need to decide on the materials and the design. Wood blinds are a popular choice for homeowners, here in Foley, Alabama and gives you the opportunity to choose between true wood or faux wood blinds. If you are debating between faux wood and wood blinds, understand there are distinct benefits to both options. While both faux wood and real wood blind provide a classic wooden look, they are made from different materials.

Faux wood blinds are simply imitation wood blinds. These Faux wood blinds are made out of either composite wood materials or PVC/Vinyl material and made to look like “natural things”. In fact, the only way a Blinds expert can tell them apart is by looking at the slat ends to see if there is a wood grain. This means that Faux wood blinds are cheaper than their Real wood counterparts and also are more sustainable. Because of the materials that Faux wood blinds are made from it makes them waterproof and good choices for humid spots in your home. Which means that the Faux wood blinds are go hand in hand with their easy to clean “wipe clean” surface and can clean using any type of cleaning products since you don’t have to worry about damaging any of the fine grain of Real wood. But Faux wood blinds are heavier than Wood blinds. Because of that these Faux wood blinds are more suitable for smaller windows than large windows.

Real wood blind are constructed from real wood like Bamboo, Basswood, Cherry, and Oak. While these are the most common types, wood blinds are available in variety of finishes and stains. Wood blinds provide a more natural warm and elegant touch to a room mire than Faux wood blind. And because of the light weight, Wood blinds are suitable even for a large windows. True wood blinds can provide better insulation for your home because wood blinds absorb more heat and cold. But it is not so suitable for high humidity areas in your home. On regular basis, wood blinds can be simply dry dusted with a clean cloth. For a deep clean, use of water is to be avoided to prevent damage. Instead wood blinds can be cleaned with a soft cloth that is lightly sprayed with furniture polish or lemon oil.

So the best is to take help from professionals when choosing the right blinds for your home. We have 25 years of expertise and have a highly trained professional staff here in Foley, Alabama to guide you through any rough spot when you choosing window treatments to your home. You can trust in us to know we can help you with a variety of styles, looks and materials for your Blinds. We are honoured to be among the top choices for Foley, Alabama window treatments services. And we are pleased to be able to assist so many homeowners here in Foley, Alabama in changing the look of their home with design installations of blinds or any other type of window treatments. Contact our professionals here at Orange Beach Blinds in Foley, Alabama to help you choose the best window treatments to your home.

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