Custom-shaped windows are available in a range of sizes and shapes. They improve the personality of your house and give it a distinctive curb appeal. It is crucial that the window treatments you select maintain the architectural authenticity that already exists, whether you have graceful arches, bold angles, or captivating curves.

Several types of window treatments are needed for windows with unique shapes. The shortlist provided below will assist you in finding the ideal covering for your distinctive specialized window shapes:

Angles, arches, and circular windows
Windows with angles, arches, and circles can give your house a stylish touch. They may have arches or curves or be oval, round, or semicircular. The forms of coverings range from roller shades to cellular shades to shutters.

Bay, corner, and bow windows
The inside and exterior of a home benefit greatly from the addition of bay, corner, and bow windows. Large windows have the added benefit of creating space for seats or decoration and increasing the amount of natural light entering a room.

French doors
These lovely additions to a home can create a sense of openness while providing simple access to the property’s garden and yard. While covering these multipurpose doors, extra care must be taken to account for the handle, levers, and hardware.

It may appear not easy to work with specialty-shaped windows. It can be easier than it may occur if you know how to approach this particular issue. It is crucial to seek advice from a window covering specialist with the knowledge and experience to provide solutions when dealing with these unusual windows. Doing it this way can make the most of your selections, ensure the design is consistent throughout your house, and ultimately save time and money.

What choices are there for windows with such unique shapes? Some of our favorite solutions for windows like these are listed below.

Cellular Shades
For unusually shaped windows, cellular shades—also called honeycomb shades—are a great option. You can pick from various materials, colors, opacities, and operable and non-operable options. You can select to have the wrinkles horizontally aligned or to have them create a sunburst effect, depending on the form of the window being covered!

Pleated Shades
Pleated shades give your specialized windows a chic and contemporary appearance by exhibiting lovely, crisp pleats. Depending on the size of the window and the level of drama you want to produce, you can pick between 1″ or 2″ creases. Also, numerous light filtering options are available, ranging from privacy blackout liners to bright and airy light filtering.

Roman Shades
Roman shades are offered in four different styles, which can be specially created for your uniquely shaped windows. Our roman shades match every room’s décor thanks to various materials, including opulent textures, patterns, stripes, rich solids, and sheers. Shades up to 96″ wide can be woven into fabrics without vertical seams.

Shutters are a dependable option that may be tailored to fit any specialty-shaped window. Shutters offer that traditional aesthetic in a distinctive setting, whether you want to cover arches, ovals, hexagons, rake windows, etc. Wood, vinyl, or composite shutters might have a straight horizontal vane or a sunburst appearance. Due to their adaptability, shutters are our preferred option for those specialty-shaped windows.

Grills Designed By Tableaux
A personalized Tableaux Designer Grill is the only option for something genuinely special. You can manufacture these custom grills in any size or shape you like. Pick one of Tableaux’s four pre-made designs and one of their four available finishes (Faux Iron, Veneer, Elements, or Metal Powder Coated). A bespoke design can also be created for you, or you can specify your format! These grills make up for their lack of privacy with elegance. Solar screen fabric can also be pre-installed if you want to add another layer of heat protection or block sunlight.

Last, you can utilize materials inventively to give the already-sharp specialty windows more flair. Fabrics offer a means to add drama and your unique touch to any room, whether you want to cover the top arch with an outside mount valance or complement the straightforward, open-air windows with a drapery frame.

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