You can be attracted to the windows of Belleview’s most elegant mansions when you look at them. Since 1995, Orange Beach Blinds has transformed those homes and the windows in their homes into stunning works of art by offering the best window coverings Belleview has.

We are proud to be Belleview’s #1 window treatment provider, providing numerous customers each year thanks to our skillful craftsmanship, cutting-edge goods, and excellent customer service.


Interior shutters 

Many Belleview residents install interior shutters to improve the look of their houses and windows. Why do they select plantation shutters as a window treatment? A few reasons for it are beauty, durability, and energy efficiency.

Because of their simplicity and clean lines, interior plantation shutters are lovely and ageless. They draw attention to various designs, color schemes, and other window treatments. Additionally, they may be installed on any window in your home because they can be customized to fit any window style.

Some window coverings, like curtains, must be replaced regularly because they break after only a few years. Interior shutters, however, are made to last a very long time. Plantation shutters won’t fade, bend, or shatter even after repeated exposure to UV light and heat.

Your home’s windows, which cause one of its worst temperature leaks, are protected by interior shutters. Shutters have a higher r-value than blinds, curtains, or shades, which results in less heat gain or loss and cheaper heating costs.


Polywood Wood Shutter in Belleview

For various factors, Polywood plantation shutters are the most popular faux wood shutter in Belleview. The first benefit is that your window will be enhanced by its timeless beauty and expert construction, especially if it has a unique design like an octagonal or angled window.

In addition to being stunning, they are solid and will never chip or shatter. Polywood Shutters come with a lifetime warranty on all goods and expert installation, and they are also resistant to heat and moisture.

Finally, eco-friendly materials are used in the production of Polywood shutters.


Choose Belleview’s Favorite Wood Shutters for Natural Beauty

Natural wood shutters are the only thing that can give a room the same sense of history, character, and richness.

Orange Beach Blind’s Ovation wood shutters are the best in Belleview. Ovation wood shutters are manufactured entirely of solid teak, unlike similar wood shutters that are typically hollow. Doing so gives you the long-lasting beauty of the shutters and the natural warmth that comes only from hardwood.

The current trim or hardwood flooring in your home can be matched with Ovation hardwood shutters.

In Belleview, we also offer reclaimed wood shutters for sale. Every reclaimed wood shutter is made from recycled wood from different U.S. wood suppliers, and each shutter pane adds its personality and narrative to your design.


Blinds and Shades in Belleview Come in a Variety

In addition to shutters, we also provide window coverings for you to choose from. Our customers can choose from blinds, shades, and other window coverings.


Polywood Blinds in Belleview

Our high-end Belleview Polywood blinds combine the simplicity of blind operation with our Polywood line’s robustness and stylish appearance. Basswood-made hardwood blinds or imitation wood blinds are the two options available.


Belleview’s Shades

Our shades in Belleview are available in various textures and fabrics to fit any room in your house. Choose the ideal shade for your windows and house from solid, woven, cellular, and more.


Your window coverings are an extension of your interior design aesthetic and home. Choose Orange Beach Blinds because they are Belleview’s top local window treatment provider. Our customers can be confident that they will have the best shutter-buying experience and personalized products in their house because of our award-winning goods, excellent customer service, and years of experience in the home design and window-covering industries.

To schedule your free in-home consultation in Belleview or any of its neighboring communities, call Orange Beach Blinds at 850-203-0419 right away. Any inquiries you have about window treatments, or anything else, can be answered by us.





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