Window treatments are the easiest and fastest way to add beauty and functionality to any space. Determining the issue you need to address and picking the best window covering for you is simple despite the abundance of options.

Working with a group of window treatment experts may assist you in identifying the unique problems in your home and developing an appealing solution for each unique area. The best window treatments at Orange Beach Blinds can solve any window issues.

Problem: The sun is shining in your room too much.

While most people might not think this is a problem, some people have serious sleep problems when a room is too light. Think of those who work shifts and try to catch up on sleep throughout the day or houses where the bedrooms, especially those for children, face the summer sun when it rises early. When the sun breaks through at dawn, temporary remedies like a sleep mask won’t guarantee a good night’s (or day’s) slumber.

The answer: is blackout drapes.

Have you ever wondered why you sleep so soundly in hotels? They most likely employ blackout curtains, which explains it. Compared to conventional curtains, blackout curtains feature foam-backed cloth that helps block out far more light. Contrary to what the name might imply, blackout curtains are available in various colors and styles that will fit any home. If you don’t like curtains, consider blackout blinds. Either solution is ideal for a bedroom, living room, or any other area in your house that receives excessive sunshine.

Problem: Mismatched window coverings.

You used a lot of patterns because you wanted to give each area a distinct personality. You suddenly realize that the front of your house seems more like a fun house than yours because of the leopard print curtains and the bright orange polka dot drapes.

Solution: blinds with shutters.

Consider utilizing shutters if you want your house to have a consistent appearance inside and out. Use shutters behind your curtains in every room, or use them alone. The house has a uniform appearance because of the employment of the same shutters.

Problem: High and narrow windows.

The high and narrow window is a typical problem in basements. Some windows exist and provide natural light, but designing around them can be challenging.

Solution: Create the appearance of longer windows.

When drawn, curtains from ceiling to floor will appear to have more oversized windows. If your friends are incredibly nosy, they will only learn the windows are negligible if they deliberately draw back the drapes. Full-length curtains will also help your basement room feel less like a basement and make the walls and ceilings appear longer, which is always a plus.

Problem: awkward windows.

When you glance out a window, have you ever wondered, “Who thought a port hole above a stairway was a smart idea?” Well, a designer did, and while we might only sometimes comprehend windows placed in awkward locations or at sharp angles, there is always a workaround.

Solution: Customized covers.

Custom blinds and curtains have grown much more frequent and less expensive, even though you might assume they’re a costly option. You will need to go custom if your window is exceptionally difficult or unusual and won’t fit standard blinds. Keep your window treatments in the same fabric for irregularly shaped or situated windows. This may make the unique window appear to be there by design. Though you want to unify the area, think about using the same fabric even if the shapes differ.

Problem: The outdoors lacks seclusion.

You can enjoy relaxing there if you’re fortunate enough to have a balcony, back deck, or porch. Although you enjoy the extra room, your neighbors’ peeping eyes are probably something other than what you want.

Solution: Hang curtains outside.

Install drapes outside to create some separation and solitude from your neighbors. By putting curtains out, you provide privacy and make the outdoor area a new living space. The bonus room still needs to be renovated.

It makes a considerable difference which company you select to deal with on any home renovation or home decor project. Orange Beach Blinds provides detailed design and installation services to outfit your home with lovely and valuable window coverings. We specialize in residential and commercial window coverings and everything in between to meet your specific requirements.

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