New trends and window-covering styles are indicative of a new year. If you believe that the color of your windows is a bit boring, consider changing it for the 2023 season. In light of this, the Orange Beach Blinds staff is here to discuss the top color trends for the coming year. For the newest window coverings, contact us right away.

Dark colors.

Dark window coverings are the front-runner for the 2023 color trend of the year. Deep navies, deep reds, and blue stone greys provide just the right amount of neutral to complement most other hues while having a rich appeal. Dark colors can also look striking against light-colored walls, especially in settings with lots of natural light.

Dark window treatments draw attention to windows and give walls depth. They also provide a natural training ground for the eye. Dark hues are particularly effective in bedrooms where there needs to be a lot of light management. Last but not least, dark curtains are an excellent option for the principal rooms in the house because they hide dust better than light curtains.

Neutral tans.

Custom blinds in neutral tones like tan, taupe, and brown are always a good choice if you can’t decide on a specific color. Tan and other neutral colors can be easily matched to the paint and furnishings in the room and offer a sense of relaxation.

Oatmeal and apricot colors have a lot of depth that you may highlight with coordinating furniture and accents.

Accept nature.

On the other hand, you may channel your inner naturalist by choosing a soft and calming shade of green, like tea or forest green. Greens can also blend beautifully with light pastel blues and yellow undertones. Green hues evoke the spirit of nature and soothe the environment, and are suitable for curtains, vertical blinds, and custom window sheers.

Try White

You can always go back to traditional white if all else fails. White blinds offer a simple, elegant touch to your windows and go nicely with almost any wall color. Whites, off-whites, and light greys go nicely with warm colors like deep red or sunburnt orange and darker hues of cool colors like blues and greens.

Additionally, reflecting natural light, white window curtains enlarge and warm the interior space. White window treatments’ only major drawback is that they require more frequent cleaning because of how easily dirt and stains appear on them.

Making the Best Color Decision for Custom Blinds

To choose the ideal shade for your window coverings, refer to the advice below.

  • Pick hues that go with your chosen décor theme. A more traditional rustic style works well with neutral colors with more texture and patterns, whereas modern techniques go well with flat, brighter hues.
  • When choosing colors, consider how the window’s light will enter the room. Use light-colored curtains for windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight because dark hues will fade in the sun.
  • Only attempt to combine up to three colors in one space. An area with many colors runs the danger of becoming crowded and hectic due to colors flowing into one another.
  • Think about how you want your window coverings to interact with the color and furnishings in the room. Consider how the colors of your walls, furniture, and accessories interact before selecting a color.

Automation Rules Supreme

We adore the ease home automation delivers to our life, from robotic vacuums to automated faucets. As more people opt for motorized blinds for their windows, the same is true for your window coverings. You may effortlessly operate your window coverings and set them up on a schedule to open and close at the times you want when you can control them from your smartphone or tablet. They are efficient and come in various colors, sizes, and styles, making them suitable for almost any room style.

Simple Roller Shades Are Always Popular

Roller blinds may perfectly filter light while also seamlessly fitting into their surroundings. They give the room a subdued air of refinement while shielding your valuables from the sun’s damaging rays. When you choose roller shades, you get the best of both worlds, and since they work well with so many contemporary homes, we don’t see them going out of style anytime soon.

Plantation shutters are a timeless style.

Plantation shutters are another item used for window treatments that we don’t anticipate going out of vogue. Plantation shutters are a true classic in the home since you can personalize them to match your specific needs and paint or stain them in almost any color you desire. Additionally, they blend perfectly with curtain panels to give the house an unrivaled modern flair.

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