When it comes to installing new window treatments or updating old window treatments in your home, shutters can be a popular choice for many homeowners. Window shutters can add a unique style and energy efficient solution to your home, so making the right choice is important. Typically shutters come in the materials like Vinyl, Natural Wood, Composite and PVC. But the most popular materials are Vinyl and Natural Wood. So if you a struggling to decide which one to choose, here are some pros and cons to make your decision easy.

When it comes to choose materials for shutters, you have to go beyond the price tag. You need to think about style, maintain and performance.  All materials have advantages as well as disadvantages.

Natural wood shutters are usually manufactured using wood like cedar, alder and basswood. Many customers are usually misled on the idea that composite materials are superior to real wood as they would never need painting, would never crack, chip, fade, etc. But however, wood is the best material for custom applications, because of its strength, durability, and damage resistance. Also when it comes to selling your home, wood shutters usually have a higher appraisal value compared to other shutter material. There are nothing more stunning than the rich beauty of natural wood. In choosing real wood shutters you have unlimited colour choices. You can match your interior trim or use natural stains that bring out the beautiful grain. These woods are also light weight which allows for greater versatility and easy operation. Wood shutters can also have wide slat sizes, because they are not as likely to sag on the hinges. Wooden shutters block but the sun and the UV rays impeccably, so if you want near to complete darkness and sun protection, wood is the way to go. And also you can get rid of any shadows or silhouettes of people walking past and feel in complete privacy with shutters that can get rid of those everyday grievances. And one of many advantages of wood shutters, they are super easy to clean, you can simply dust and then clean them with any wood friendly, ammonia-free product to keep the finish looking gorgeous.

While wood shutters offer an authentic and timeless look, they come with a hefty price tag. Wood shutters are one of the priciest materials on the market. Fortunately, you can often wrap the cost of shutters into the purchase of your home, because if you sell, the shutters would remain in the home. And also these wood shutters are susceptible to moisture, mold and pests. You want to be sure to routinely clean and maintain shutters to keep them looking new.

Vinyl shutters are the least expensive shutters  available on the market. It is made from a thin layer of Vinyl formed around a mold. With the low price tag, Vinyl shutters are growing in popularity. Just like wood shutters, you can find a selection of colours and textures in Vinyl. There are many natural colour options as well as classic blacks, whites and more. Vinyl is water resistant. These shutters are perfect for use as bathroom and kitchen windows, shower enclosures, solariums, or near the Jacuzzis. Your shutters will not warp, flake or mold. And also these Vinyl shutters are better insulators and is flame-retardant.

Vinyl shutters are also can be easily clean. Their appearance can be maintained by just wiping them with a moisten rag. If you wish to install a new set of shutters, your old Vinyl shutters can be recycled. Although Vinyl is a man made material, it is environmentally friendly. Vinyl shutters are lightweight and easy to install. You will save more during the installation process as well.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Vinyl shutters is they don’t always look as good as wood shutters.  Depending on the quality of the Vinyl, they can look downright bad. And Vinyl comes in limited colour choices. If you want to match an existing colour in your home or customize, then Vinyl might not be the right material choice. You cannot paint, stain or refinish Vinyl shutters. And Vinyl shutters do not come in wider slat sizes and can’t cover an area larger than 29” wide and is too flexible so it requires other support materials to prevent sagging.

So when it comes to Wood Vs. Vinyl shutters there really is no bad selection. Based on your needs and your application though, there will certainly be a  better option. If you have questions about which choice is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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