All year long, guests from around the nation stay at your hotel. Visitors to your hotel come for various purposes, including business meetings, vacations, and sightseeing. You want every aspect of your property, including how your windows are decorated, to leave a good impression on visitors.

Contrary to popular belief, hotel window decorations have a more significant impact on everyone’s comfort. Your decisions about hotel curtains and hospitality window treatments will impact the quality of your guests’ stay. Learn more about the many hotel-style window treatments that are available by reading on.


Best Types of Window Treatments for Hotels in Alabama

The following window treatments are the best you can choose for a hotel room in Alabama.


A single piece of material called a shade controls how much light enters a space. Pulling downward with your hands causes the shades to slide down from the top of the window. They are adjustable in height, so you can let in as much or as little light as you like. They give your visitors options for managing their privacy.

Your hotel rooms will seem classy and straightforward, thanks to the shades. Opening and closing their sunglasses to view the view will be fun for guests. Your visitors will think they are living in luxury, depending on the material used.

To discover the ideal fit, start by exploring the following designs and choices:

  • Cellular shades  
  • Roman shades  
  • Solar shades


Linked swiveling panels on blinds are used to control the quantity of light that enters a space. These panels are available in various materials and designs, from thick hardwood panels to thin plastic ones. When coupled with windows that reach the ceiling, vertical blinds can even help a room appear taller.

Additionally, the blinds can be rolled up to the top of the window so that your visitors have a clear view of the outdoors. The most excellent option for simple modification is blind. However, you should choose a more robust choice if you’re searching for something with more excellent insulating capability.

Drapes and curtains

The traditional window treatments are curtains and drapes. They have existed for many centuries, and with good reason. The other types of window treatments sometimes need more of the personality that curtains and drapes can add to a space. They make excellent choices for protection against temperature and sound.

You can pick curtains and drapes in the hotel style that are as elaborate or straightforward as you like. You can’t go wrong by choosing them for your hotel or inn’s windows because they are helpful and versatile. Combining decorative curtains with blinds or shades can add even more layers.

Blackout, darkening the room, or light filtration

Hotel blackout blinds, commercial blackout roller shades, or full hotel curtains are suitable investments to make your guests dark during the hottest part of the day. Some of your guests may be coming after a night’s journey. Therefore, it will be crucial for them to sleep in a dark room when the sun is out.

Give your visitors a choice to let some light in during the day. While lowering the quantity of light entering the room, light-filtering solutions like solar curtains or translucent shades can provide visitors with a view of the outside. You can give people privacy while still allowing them to enjoy some sunlight.


Quality fabric options and cutting-edge interior design advice are available from Orange Beach Blinds to complete the look of your guest room. Curtains and drapes give any visitor, hotel, or resort room a pop of color or design. Call us at 850-203-0419 to speak with our specialists if you’re having trouble sifting through the countless window treatment options accessible to hotels and resorts. Let us assist you in making final adjustments to your ideal guest room.





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