Casements are unique windows and selecting a window treatment for them that suits your decor can be intricate. However, any casement window can be dressed, and we’ll show you how.

Many of the windows in the house slide up and barely open halfway. Casement windows are one-of-a-kind: Instead of sliders, their glass panes are attached to hinges and extend. This lets them let in more air and natural light than regular windows, which is beneficial in kitchens and bathrooms where heat and humidity are a problem.

Awning windows have hinges on the top, whereas casement windows have hinges on the sides. They’re popular in Craftsman and Tudor homes, usually recessed. These aspects form a one-of-a-kind window with distinct window treatment requirements.

No single window treatment will work for every casement window because they are all so distinctive. However, many of them will operate with specific conventional options.


Shades are a common choice for casement windows since they can be installed inside and outside the recess. Our shades are also cordless, making them simple to operate and safe for children and dogs.
Motorized shades can be controlled with a button or programmed to lift and descend at specific periods throughout the day.
Shades come in a diverse range of colors and styles. Some of the best casement windows shades are as follows:



    1.  Honey Comb Shades

      Comfort is essential if your casement windows are in a location where you spend a lot of time, such as your bedroom or living room. Because your windows are one of your home’s most significant sources of energy loss, choosing an energy-efficient window treatment such as honeycomb shades is critical. The cells in these shades trap air at the window to keep inside temperatures consistent and your energy bills low. In addition, you’ll have rapid access to the crank when you wish to open or close your window, thanks to a choice of simple operating systems.


    1.  Honey Comb Shades

      Roman shades are an excellent option for adapting casement windows if you like curtains but don’t like how heavy and brutal they are to move. These shades lie flat when closed and fold into clean pleats when lifted, which is especially useful if your casement windows are adjacent to a bay or picture window. There are various types available, including energy-saving honeycomb shades and braided wood shades.
      Roman shades can be used both inside and outside the glass. Roman blinds are mounted outside the window; they add a splash of color and provide outstanding curb appeal.



  1.  Roller Shades

    Casement windows might look a little dated, so patterned roller shades are a terrific way to freshen up the space.
    A simple style like roller blinds is a fantastic fit for casement windows in your bathrooms or kitchen.
    You’ll be able to discover the appropriate appearance to accent your home with hundreds of fabrics and opacities to pick from. They’ll also be simple to elevate and lower. Then, they’re easy to clean with a vacuum, duster, or moist cloth.

Interior shutters are a common alternative when it comes to letting air in through casement windows. On a nice day, open your window and then the louvers of your shutters to let in just the perfect quantity of fresh air into your kitchen or living area. They can be tightly shut on chilly days to give excellent insulation and energy efficiency. Even extra-wide casement windows can benefit from bi-fold track shutters.

Shutters look beautiful in a rustic or rural home, especially if they’re made of natural wood with a high-quality finish. In addition, small kitchens benefit from white composite shutters, which complement the cool-colored decor.

Shutters may be custom-fit to your windows because they are composed of wood. As a result, they’re ideal for unusually shaped windows like octagons or arches.

    1.  Plantation shutters

      Plantation shutters, whether made of natural wood or rigid polymer, offer the best light control and insulation. You could imagine that a crank would interfere with the frame or louver because this window treatment is permanently attached. That is not the case, however! We build and construct custom shutters for your windows at Orange Beach Blinds. We can fit arched windows, doorknobs, and cranks into your home’s distinctive windows or doors. As a result, you’ll have full access to your window’s crank while still enjoying all of the benefits of your inside shutters.

Panel Drapes

Panel drapes are a terrific alternative if your casement windows swing outward. They look great with blinds, which regulate the amount of light in, while the drapes offer a splash of color. In addition, south-facing windows benefit from energy-efficient textiles, while bedrooms benefit from blackout liners.
Don’t worry about the curtains getting in the way of the casement window handle. The drapes will not hit the handle if the window is recessed.
If not, a set of ornate drapes tied back away from the glass for a timeless effect is a good option.

We have a highly trained and knowledgeable professional team working with us at Orange Beach Blinds to assist you in selecting the ideal window treatment for your home. We have been the top window treatment provider since we established this family business in 1995. We stand by the items we utilize and the work we do for our customers. We hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate personally why we are the best window treatment, service provider.

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