If you are in the design phase of your new home or redecorating your home, you are probably looking at and considering numerous options, patterns, styles and functionality when it comes to your windows and how best to cover them. How you decide to dress your windows is undoubtedly a big decision  because it has a lasting impact on a room and is a long term investment in your home. Frequently used in houses on expansive plantations, shutters were the window covering of choice across Europe and America for hundreds of years. But how do you know if they’re the right choice for you?

Here are some pros and cons of the timeless window treatment style “Shutters” to make your decision little easier.

A window shutters is a solid and stable window covering made using either wood, plastic, aluminum or faux wood usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Set within this frame can be louvers, operable or fixed, horizontal or vertical, solid panels, fabric, glass and almost any other item that can be  mounted within a frame. Depending on the application, and the construction of the window frame, shutters can be mounted to fit within the opening or to overlap the opening. There are exterior shutters, used on the outside of the structure as well as Interior shutters, used on the inside of a house.

Window shutters are by design, incredibly versatile. They provide varying levels of light and privacy that any other window treatment simply cannot. The shutter style and configuration and louver you choose determines the amount of light coming in and how easy it is to seen into the room. Basically there are three louver sizes ranging from 2 ½” to 4 ½”. Smaller louvre sizes are commonly used for doors and smaller windows. The mid range size, the 3 ½” louver, is the most popular. The large size provides the best view outside when the louvers are open. If you have a great view outside, it is best to choose the 4 ½” size louver.

There are variety of styles you can choose from when you deciding on shutters.

  • Full Height Shutters – These shutters provide complete top to bottom window coverage, opening and closing as one unit.
  • Café Style – This café style shutters cover just the lower half of your window, letting light in while maintaining privacy at the bottom half of your window. These are best for front rooms, lounges, and dining rooms.
  • Tier on Tier – This will cover your whole window, with the top and bottom halves opening independently.
  • Full Solid Raised – These solid shutters provide complete window coverage and have a lovely, traditional feeling to them.
  • Half Solid Raised – These shutters give you the best of both worlds, solid on the lover half and louvers on the top half.
  • Tier on Tier Solid Raised – Tier on tier solid raised shutters covers your entire window, with the top and bottom halves openings independently.
  • Special Shapes – From arches to triangles to sunbursts. You can cover any window or door with a shutter.

Unlike other window treatments like vertical blinds, shutters do not blend or crinkle and very unlike to show any signs of age for a very long time. With no strings that will tangle or stay and no fabrics to worry about fading, these are sturdy pieces of art that will improve the appearance of your home and last for very long time as long as you care for them. And because these shutters are left behind if the home owner decide to sell the house, shutters can actually be factored into the price of the home.  This means Shutters can increase the value of your home.

Because shutters are custom built to fit into each window they are truly unique. And also there are great even for child’s room or for nursery and because there are no hanging cords to children to play with. And because shutters can’t be climbed up like curtains they are also safe with pets.

Unlike curtains, and some blinds shutters are not made with fabric, so they are not easily stained. The gap between the louvers means there is plenty of rooms to clean or dust. And because They are very strong, you are not at risk of bending them out of shape when you do. A dry dust or a clean with a microfiber cloth and furniture polish is all you need to keep them sparkling.

And on a breezy day, with your window open, shutters aren’t going to move like a curtain or rattle like a blind. This is a huge advantage, especially for people with young children who nap during the day, or people who like to sleep with the window open at night.

But if you have a limited very tight budget and lot of windows to covers you have to consider settling in shutters as your window treatments. Because shutters are one of the most furniture forms of window treatments. But if you install shutter without second thoughts about the cost, it will sure be a future investment you made today. Because if one day you decide to sell your house, and shutters being timeless they can improve the value of your property.

And being custom built, you will have to wait around for like 6 – 8 weeks for your shutters to arrive. So if you are in a hurry, then shutters are not a best choice for you.

With time and depending on the weather and your usage you may find that you need to adjust your shutters from time to time. While this is not difficult, you may find it frustrating.

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