Want a beautifully classic way to dress up your windows? Consider adding new Roman shades or Woven shades? These shadings can be matched to your home’s existing wood finishes so that they blend in seamlessly . Their warmth, texture and light control features make them ideal window coverings for any residential or commercial property.

Natural woven shades are handwoven from renewable materials like grasses, jute, bamboo, thin strips of wood and sometimes even paper. These woven shades are rich in character and texture, adding eye-catching intrigue to any room. This unique look is what draws many homeowners to woven wood or grass shades. Often referred to as “matchstick” or “bamboo” shade, woven wood shades are attractive, light and easy to handle. These woven wood shades are also fairly versatile, since they can be used with or without a privacy or light – control backing. A backing can also enhance the look of the wood or grass by contrasting with the weave of the shade and accenting it’s texture. Some of these Woven shade versions even come in top down/ bottom up operating systems , allowing privacy at the bottom of the window while the top is open to capture the light. But Woven wood shades are susceptible to changes due to sunlight and moisture levels. Over time, especially on shades utilizing wood slats or bamboo rods, parts of the shade may warp or fade.

Roman shades have been around for centuries in many different forms. Today these classic shades are available in different styles and with various options. Roman shades are typically a fabric shade that can be raised and lowered with a pull cord. There are made in different ways creating numerous different styles. Since Roman shades can be made out of nearly any fabric- even sheers- there is definitely one for every style and every home. These shades can be opened with a cord mechanism or can use a cordless mechanism. Modern Roman shades are available in both rolling and stacking options. The stacking style Roman shades has no exposed cords so it is more appropriate and safe for the homes with children and pet.

There is nothing quite as exciting and thought-provoking as finding the perfect window treatments for your living space. With thousands of colors , textures, and patterns form which to choose, finding that perfect shade can be haunting. If you are looking for a shade that boasts natural look with unique texture to your windows, look no further.

In Orange Beach Blinds we have a highly trained and very knowledgeable professional team working with us here in Daphne, Alabama to help you to choose the best window treatment to your home. Since we started this family business back in 1995, we have been the best window treatment company. We guarantee the products we use and the work we provide to our clients. We look forward to having the opportunity to show you firsthand what makes us the top Daphne, Alabama window treatments services provider.

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