Unlike more elaborate window treatments, woven wood shades are on trend for their more casual, earthy look and eco friendly appeal. This more relaxed look is gaining popularity. Woven wood shades can be made from different woods, bamboo, reeds, and grasses, bringing the texture of nature into your home while still giving your home a feel of sophistication. So if you are considering Woven wood shades as window treatment in your home here are some pros and cons to help you choose wisely.

Because of Woven wood shades have natural tones and are versatile for a variety of color schemes, these Woven wood shades blend seamlessly and beautifully to work in any space, so you don’t have to worry to incorporate them into your current décor. And there are also multicolor Woven woods such as tortoise-shell that will freshen up your décor. With whatever design or style you choose, Woven wood shades will update your room with a casual, yet put together feel. These Woven wood shades can be paired up with blackout liners. This is great for privacy levels and toning down natural light in any space you want. And also Woven wood shades protect your home from harmful UV rays which can, if left unguarded, can fade and damage your valuable wood flooring, luxury furniture etc. These Woven wood shades are created to block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Because of the materials use to make Woven wood shades such as Bamboo, Jute, Reed, and Grasses, they are eco- friendly. Nowadays in market you can buy motorized Woven wood shades that can be paired with a remote, smartphone, iPad etc. And that will make operation of them easier as well as providing safety for your home.

However, Woven wood shades aren’t for everyone. The very same material that appeal to one homeowner ay drive another one crazy. These natural materials means that, unless you bind the edges with decorative tapes, the shades will be slightly ragged and uneven at the edges. The grass can fray overtime. This unevenness can also create larger gaps between the shade and the window frame, which may let in more light and lessen the privacy of the room. And also these Woven wood shades are susceptible to changes due to sunlight and moisture levels. Overtime these Woven wood shades can warp or fade.

These cons are also a part of the deal as well as pros if you choose Woven wood shades as your window treatments. So if you are not okay with these things Woven wood shades are not for you.

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