Roman shades are a type of window covering used to block out the sun which open up stacking evenly using a cord mechanism or a cordless mechanism. When these Roman Shades are opened they are visibly smooth, not bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical shades or blinds. Both cord mechanism and cordless mechanism allows the user to adjust the height of the covered area. Many different kinds of materials, from wood to fabric, can be used to create Roman shades, as well as natural materials such as bamboo. Anyway if you are looking for update your old window treatments or install new window treatments to your home and you are considering Roman shades there are lot to think before you make the final decision. So here are some pros and cons of Roman shades that will help you to make the right choice.

When we are talking about pros; one benefit that Roman Shades can offer is it has a wide range to you to choose from. You can choose from lots of fabric choices, endless colors and from lots of styles and you can just easily find and option for any room of your loving home. These Roman shades are easy to install and easy to operate. You can choose between cordless mechanism and cord mechanism. But if you have a child or pet at home, the cordless mechanism is the best option. Roman shades offer a large amount of privacy and light blockage. The full fabric panes filter sunlight and prevent outside passerby from seeing inside your home. If you want even more light blockage, you can order a blackout shade, which is constructed with a special lining that blocks out all light from rooms that need a complete room-darkening feature. This room darkening option or blackout option also keeps shadows from being cast to the exterior at night when lights are on in the room. Affordability is another benefit that you can have if you choose Roman shades as your window treatment.

But Roman shades have cons as well as pros. Because of Roman shades are made of fabric, and fabric can wear down, these Roman shades do not last long as other window treatment options. So of you are looking for a window treatment that will last years, then these Roman shades are probably not the way to go. And also the fabric of the Roman shade can get stain easily and they can retain smells Roman shades are not a wise choice for kitchen areas. Another downside of the fabric Roman shades is the ability to collect and hold onto water so Roman shades are inadvisable for rooms that become humid for long period of time. Because the material holds onto the water it leads to damp and mold issues. However there are also have some treated fabric for this issue, that have a layer that helps to prevent the collection of water. But it is more expensive.

So when you choose a window treatment for your home you should consider all the pros and cons of the options you have. Because once you install the window treatment it is not very good for your wallet to have to reinstall it again.

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