Plantation shutters have been around for hundreds of years. These were used on 18th century plantation mansions which were built in derivative forms of classical architectural styles. Hence, the name. So timeless beauty is what first comes to mind when thinking about Plantation shutters. They are in use for hundreds of years, yet they are not out of style.

When everyone has their own unique taste, an overwhelming majority of people still love the look of shutters. That’s why we say they are timeless and never go out of style. Whether your style is traditional, transitional, or contemporary, there is a shutter style to match. And Plantation shutters have incredible curb appeal, meaning they look beautiful from the street.

Plantation shutters are made of either wood or faux wood and are mounted on a frame. Using a rod, you can tilt the louvers back, forwards or leave them in the middle allowing you to play with the amount of light that comes in and out of the home. Best part is, the top and bottom louvers can operate independently if you go with a divider rod or split tilt rod. The louvers comes in variety of sizes.( 4 ½”, 3 ½”, 3”, 2 ½”, and       1 7/8”) The larger the slat, the more light and view you will have. The number of shutter panels for window is also determine by you the customer. You can have them with the center tilt rod or with a hidden rod for more modern look. These Plantation shutters have no cords and strings that could be potentially tangle and no fabrics that could stain or shag. Plantation shutters typically have double the life of other window covering products. And because Plantation shutters are considered to be an investment, they tend to increase the value of homes, and potential buyers are attracted to homes with Plantation shutters. Unlike draperies and blinds, Plantation shutters are window treatment that are usually left with the home when the owner sells to a buyer. Also Plantation shutters are highly customizable, and you can collaborate with your shutter company to design them to fit any window. They are classic window coverings, but their material, style, colour, shape and size can be personalized according to home owner’s preferences. Since Plantation shutters are great at keeping out the light, they will keep your home cooler during the summer and lower your electricity bill.

But when comparing Plantation shutters to other window treatments these Plantation shutters have a higher price tag. These shutters also need some routine maintenance to keep up with their look and appeal. You may find over the years that once the louvers acclimate to the home, they could become a bit loose, especially with temperature changes. Tightening them is not a  difficult task, but it is a maintain tactic you are likely to have to employ. And also because  Plantation shutters are usually custom made, you will have to wait approximately 3 – 6 weeks from the time your windows are measured to the time they are installed. If you are in a huge hurry to cover your windows, Plantation shutters are not the best choice. And also when a shutter company installs Plantation shutters in your home, those shutters are relatively permanent, or at least until they’re professionally removed. They can’t be switched out as easily as blinds, draperies and other window treatments. Additionally, changing Plantation shutters is more expensive than changing temporary window treatments.

 You owe it to yourself when making this investment to understand what you are buying so when the job is installed, you will not be surprised. Plantation shutters, more than any other type window treatment, can be mounted in different ways. But remember, there is usually only one best way and you want to know that before you purchase!

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