Selecting a window treatment for your home can be a complicated endeavour if you are trying to fit a lot of functionalities that you need with that perfect look that you had wanted to create for your home. You have to consider a lot of things like the look of the rooms, light-control, noise-control, safety, insulation, temperature-control, and privacy etc., before you make your final decision. So if you are considering Horizontal window blinds as your window treatment here are some pros and cons to make your decision easier.

Horizontal window blinds are the most popular window blind design.  These Horizontal window blinds fall downward to open and moves upto close. A huge variation oh Horizontal window blinds is available in the market and they are mostly operated by cords and wands.

Horizontal blinds are made with a series of horizontal slats that hang one on top of the other from a ribbon or cord. They are attached to the of your window frame via a head rail, which is a slim metal box that hides the inner working of your blinds, all the things that make the blinds go up and down. Usually a blind have a two sets of cords that hang from the head rail, a control cord and a tilt cord. Using the control cord you can open and close the blind. Tilt cord allows you to tilt the slats, so even when your blinds are drawn, you still can let the light in. The best window blinds block light to almost “ blackout” levels.

Horizontal window blind won’t touch your flooring. If you want to avoid dust and dirt build-up at the base of your window treatments, Horizontal blinds are the best choice. They often rest on the sills of the windows rather than the floor. And also the Horizontal blinds are quiter in operation.  And these blinds are highly adaptable. They can be custom made to fit into different sizes and shapes. Horizontal blinds are traditionally used for tall, thin windows, but they can be fitted to windows as wide as 240cm.The Horizontal slats also come in different sizes. The bigger the slats, the more room darkening  the blinds will provide.

But if you are looking for easy maintenance, Horizontal blinds may not be the best choice for you. Dust can collect on the slats of your blinds, and you will have to clean each slat individually. While Horizontal blinds provide room darkening and the best light control, they are not blackout blinds. So if you want to completely blackout your  room, Horizontal blinds will do  not do the best job.

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