Faux wood blinds are simply imitation wood blinds. These wood blinds looks like “natural things” but are artificial thing that actually made of either composite wood material or a PVC / Vinyl material.

Because of the materials that faux wood blinds are made from, it makes them good choices for humid spots in the houses such as kitchens and bathrooms. Because both those materials are highly durable, and will not warp, crack or fade. Also while these faux wood blinds are looks just like hardwood blinds, it is less expensive than hardwood blinds. The lower cost makes it easier to cover much more windows in lower budget.

       When making faux wood blinds, usually vinyl is used as the material. So as vinyl is much more flexible than the real wood materials, faux wood blinds becomes more flexible than hardwood blinds and it is much more beneficial since it will not break easily and you don’t have to be very careful when handling the faux wood blinds. And also with the busy lifestyle people these days have, if you have faux wood blinds installed instead of hardwood blinds, it will save you your time because faux wood blinds are very easy to clean and any type of cleaning products can be used since you don’t have to worry about damaging any of the fine grain of real wood.

      Like those all the good things about faux wood blinds there are also some drawbacks. Faux wood blinds are heavier than hardwood blinds which will be harder when installing the faux wood blinds. Because of the heaviness of these faux wood blinds it is more appropriate to install to smaller windows rather than large windows. When applying faux wood blinds for the larger windows, it will be trickier because a larger set of faux wood blinds might be too heavy for the windows without reinforcements of the head rail. And while the color options available in faux wood blinds do look like almost similar to hardwood, there are less options available.  You might be able to get the color you want if you have faux wood blinds custom made but it will increase the cost. Also, since the faux wood blinds are made out of composite wood or vinyl, it is not possible for these to be re-stained. Which means that once you choose a color for this window treatment, you are forever stuck with it unless you replace it completely with new blinds.

But generally these faux wood blinds is one of the most popular window treatments.

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