Shopping for window shades? Among the lot of varieties of shades like Roller shades, Balloon shades, Tie-up shades, Skylight window shades, these Pleated shades and Honeycomb shades are more popular. If you are looking for window treatments you will surely are familiar with these Pleated shades and Honeycomb shades.  But there are lot of things that you should know before you take a final decision, only a professional can tell you. So here are some things you can consider before your big decision.

Pleated shades and Honeycomb shades were developed decades ago to give consumers a window  covering that wasn’t drapery, but also wasn’t a mini blind. As people became more energy conscious in the 80s, the window treatment industry responded with coverings that not only looked great, but also provided extra insulation at the window. A version of Pleated shads, Honeycomb shades was created to improve energy efficiency and provide beautiful style at the window.

However Pleated shades and Honeycomb shades also known as Cellular shades have a lot in common, it is easy to confuse the two when you aren’t sure exactly what it is. Both Pleated shades and Honeycomb shades are constructed from a thin, folded fabric and both can bring a softness to a room. Both offer excellent filtration and complete privacy when lowered. Then what is this difference everyone mention about these two shades?

As mentioned before every Pleated window shade and every Honeycomb shade is made from fabric that folded. When the shade is raised, the fabric is compressed along those fold lines. Pleated shade features a simple fold pattern but a Honeycomb shade has a more complex construction. Honeycomb shades have geometric folds that resembles “honeycombs”.

Pleated shades gives a crisp contemporary look in your window and are made from one layer of pleated fabric so they provide some light control but very little insulation. Pleated shades are offered with continuous cord loops or cordless options, no long and unattractive cords dangling on the ground, where kids and pets can reach them and can be motorized to be raised and lowered with the touch of a button. But in cord operated Pleated shades there are little holes where the cords run through. From these pinholes light can be leaked into the room which may be objectional if you are trying to block out all the light from the room. Pleated shades are available in variety of styles and textures and are cheaper than Honeycomb shades but do not insulate as well as Honeycomb shades. Pleated shades typically come in a wider array of fabrics than Honeycomb shades do. From woven grass look fabrics to crinkle silks, there are dozen of fabric options available in Pleated shades. And Pleated shades can be made in variety of shapes , including trapezoids and arches from those tricky windows. Most Pleated shades are come in a 1” pleat size. However, there are larger pleat options available, such as 2” option. They also feature a very small stack when raised fully to the top of the window. This is ideal if you are looking for a shade that is there when you need it, but out of sight when don’t.

The greatest benefit of Honeycomb shades is the insulation they provide. These Honeycomb shades provide high quality insulation from both summer heat and winter chill. This insulation helps with sounds as well as energy. Honeycomb shades are one of the best energy saving window coverings. Because Honeycomb shades are made from fabric they can come in an unlimited colour selection. And also comes in single, double, or  triple honeycombs (2 – 6 layers of fabric) but are more expensive than Pleated shades. Pleats of Honeycomb shades come in a variety of sizes(3/8”, ½” ¾” and      1 ¼” ) and can be lined for extra darkening effect. And the pleats retain  their shape better overtime than Pleated shades. These Honeycomb shades have a small profile and don’t require a lot of depth. When the fabric is raised, the shade stacks at the top which varies in the size depending on the length of the shade. But Honeycomb shades are little bit difficult to clean. Bugs could get trapped in cells and need to be vacuumed out.

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