Your home’s aesthetic appeal and design are improved by window coverings, which offer privacy and sun protection. But what if they are dirty, dusty, or even worse, covered in greasy fingerprints? We advise cleaning window treatments to maintain them looking their best, just as you need to clean your windows to keep the sun shining through. So how frequently should they be cleaned?

Aim for a thorough cleaning every three to six months. However, this depends on whether you have dogs or kids who want to touch things with their sometimes-paint-dipped, oh-so-cute sticky fingers. How often you should clean your window coverings depends on how soiled they become over time.

While dusting your window treatments every time you clean your home may make you need to clean them deep less regularly, once every six months, there may be better uses for your weekend than cleaning your window coverings. To minimize damage from overly harsh cleaning agents or poor handling, we’ve put together some simple but effective cleaning instructions based on the type of window treatments, whether you’re cleaning shades, curtains, blinds, or shutters. So turn up your favorite tunes while getting your hands dirty!

Tips For Cleaning Window Coverings For A Beautiful, Healthy Home

Eliminate Dust
One of the significant issues with window coverings is dust. A layer of dust will accumulate over time on blinds and other window coverings. Get rid of the dust before you are deep clean. Microfiber dusters move around hardware and lift cords effortlessly while removing dust from slats. Use a vacuum brush attachment on a low suction setting to clean dirt and grime off various window treatments. At least once every month, dust the window treatments.

Clean Up Trouble Spots
Have the children been using unclean hands to touch the curtains? Another possibility is that Fido jumped up on the panes with muddy paws. Most stains may be removed with spot cleaning, regardless of the mess’s origin. Shades and blinds can be spot cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge wet with warm water. If necessary, use a mild detergent to get rid of stubborn stains. To prevent fabric damage, blot the surface rather than rub it.

Curtains Should Be Handled With Caution
Washing delicate curtains like sheer or lace in the washing machine is not a good idea. These thin materials are prone to snags and wrinkles if not adequately cleaned. Wash fragile window treatments by hand in a sink filled with cool water and one spoonful of liquid dish detergent. For around 10 minutes, soak the curtains to help them become dirt and debris-free. Hire experts to come in and thoroughly clean your window treatments so that your delicate curtains look brand-new.

Make Special Fabrics Fresher
Unique textiles, like velvet, can be revived without harming them. Use a soft bristle attachment to gently vacuum the surface to clean delicate luxury textiles like velvet or silk. Remove minor spots with a clean cloth dipped in warm water and a small amount of dishwashing detergent. Use a dry towel to dab the area to dry. Velvet can be given a smooth finish by brushing it with a soft-bristled brush.

Test Out Steam Cleaning
Soft fibers subjected to steam washing become more easily cleanable or vacuumable. Additionally, steam cleaners may eliminate up to 99 percent of bacteria, dust mites, and germs that dwell on surfaces like window treatments. To professionally steam clean your draperies, you may either invest in handheld steam cleaners for your house or hire a professional.

Don’t Perform The Following To Clean Window Coverings Properly

  • Do not clean your blinds with plastic dusters.
  • Avoid vigorously cleaning your coverings.
  • Use only non-aggressive conventional cleansers; do not use bleach.
  • Water should not be used on wooden blinds.

Maintain The Best Looking Window Treatments

Whether you have drapes, blinds, or shades, establishing a regular cleaning regimen is essential to keeping them pristine. The design consultants at Specialty Drapery can walk you through the recommended cleaning routine specific to the type and material you selected after assisting you in choosing your ideal window coverings.

Your window treatments can be enjoyed for years to come with careful maintenance!
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