The main purpose of using a window shading is to control the light, heat and privacy in a room. There are so many types of window shadings. Such as Woven wood, Tight waves, Roman shades, Honeycomb, Blackout and Solar etc. Woven woods (such as bamboo) offers full, natural looking coverage. Tight waves like twill or micro suede  offer optimal privacy because they are opaque. Roman shades have soft, wide pleats that folds flat when raised by a cord. Honeycomb also known as cell or cellular are designed with horizontal rows of air pockets which work to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Blackout, with room darkening fabric, block out up to 100% of light. And solar are made from a sheer weave that offers protection from harmful UV rays but don’t completely block your view.

With such a wide array of available styles and materials, your choice can dress a room up or down. And also window shadings not only softens the hard lines of a room, they also emphasize the architectural qualities of a window. So it is very important to make the right choice when you installing the window shades.

Before installing window shadings you have a long list of item to consider. The colors of the fabric you are going to use is one of the many things you have to consider when applying window shadings. While bold colors and patterns will make your window shading stand out in a room, soft and neutral colors will blend nicely in to the background.

And also there are fabric options that are room-darkening or light- filtering. Choosing the right fabric for window shading is one of the most important thing; the weight and texture of the fabric will affect the amount of light that comes through the fabric, and how well the fabric holds up to sun exposure.

You should consider the functionality of the room before installing window shadings. Shadings that are made using blackout fabrics, fully block light from the outside and will give more privacy than sheer fabric used shadings. These blackout fabrics are more appropriate for bedrooms. And window shadings that used sheer fabrics allow more light from the outside into the room, reducing the need for lamps during the day time but gives less privacy to a room. These sheer fabric are more appropriate for living rooms, family rooms, and patios.

Window hardware like from curtain rods to tie backs puts the finishing touches of your window treatment.  When it comes to the window hardware, bright brass adds a touch of elegance to a traditional room, brushed aluminum, nickel and stainless steel looks sleek and modern and wood tones add warmth.

And when it comes to the safety cords are hazardous to small children. So it is not wise to have hanging cords from your window shadings if you have curious little hands in your home. And the most important thing is your budget.  You have to choose window shadings that provides all your needs within your budget.

These considerations play across all the rooms. So it is your choice that will make each room’s design and functionality blends seamlessly or not.

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