When you are planning to update your home Interior living spaces, one of the main things that you should consider is installing new window shades in your loving home. Windows are focal points that immediately attract the eye upon entering a room and they allow natural light into your home. Because of that windows of your home play and important role in the overall enjoyment of each room of your house. When you are going for a new window treatment, your design and installation should be choose wisely. These are the four gorgeous shade designs to update your property to a more gorgeous one.

1. Roman Shades.

Roman shades are a classic staple in décor, and are know for the soft, modern polish they bring to any room. Basically, roman shades are fabric window covering that can be lowered or raised with a cord mechanism or a cordless mechanism. Modern roman shades are available in both rolling and stacking options. The stacking style roman shades has no exposed cords so it is more appropriate and safe for the homes with children and pets. Many different kinds of materials, from wood to fabric, can be used to create roman shades as well as natural materials such a bamboo. Because these roman shades are made from thicker material than other shades, and are often fully lined it makes them the perfect choice if your main concern is privacy.

2. Pleated Shades

Pleated shades or pleated blinds are made from a pleated fabric which will help to add texture to the room. While honeycomb pleated shades or cellular pleated shades are made up using two or more layers joined at the pleats to form a cellular compartments that trap air, providing insulation, pleated shades are constructed of a single layer of fabric folded into crisp pleats. This somewhat reduces insulation, but gives you a more customizable look at a lower cost. And also you don’t have to worry about removing the dead small insects that crawled into the hollow chambers of honeycomb and cellular shades.

3. Woven wood shades

Woven wood shades, or bamboo shades are very popular window treatment which is available in variety of materials including bamboo, grasses, and reeds. Woven wood shades are incredibly versatile and can be used as vertical sliders which are ideal for a sliding glass door or as room dividers. If you have hard to reach window, woven wood blinds can be fully motorized making it easy to open your blinds. Depending on the material used and the tightness of the weave, these woven wood blinds offer flexibility in terms of privacy and light control.

4. Roller shades

If you want a window treatment that will give you the ultimate level of control over the amount of light that enters your property, you should consider installing roller shades. These roller shades are available in wide variety of colours and patterns and amazingly easy to clean and operate. Roller shades are operate manually using a bead chain or you can also install a motorized roller shades which are sleek, safe and easy if you have pets and children in your house. These shades can completely roll away to entirely open the window or roll down to that will give you a blackout.

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