Faux Wood Blinds Vs. Real Wood Blinds.

If you are planning to design your home or reinstall window treatments and you are thinking about installing wood blinds there a lot of facts you must know before taking the final decision. After installing final product if you are not satisfied, it will be not so good for your wallet, if you have to reinstall all. So it is best to know all the necessary facts about wood blinds before you make your final decision. So here are some pros and cons of each about faux wood blinds and real wood blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds.

Basically Faux wood blinds are imitation wood blinds, made to look like “natural things” but actually made using composite wood materials or PVC/ Vinyl material. In fact, even a blinds experts can tell them apart is by looking at the slat ends to see if there is a wood grain. The composite type often contains a real wood core but are also coated with protective polymer, and are made cordless or corded and come in different colors to perfectly match every home’s interior and exterior. You can, in fact, choose from a wide range of faux wood blinds in different texture, grain patterns, and colors such as maple, oak and birch. And because of Faux wood blinds are made artificially of plastic each slat of the blind is going to be identical in coloring. This is a factor often looked as real wood blind slays may vary slightly in color due to the fact they are made from a natural product. And also because Faux wood blinds are engineered of synthetic materials, these blinds stand up better to the humid conditions in bathrooms and kitchens better than real wood. They will not crack, warp or fade like real wood blinds in humid areas. So if you live in areas with extreme heat, humidity or high traffic, your best choice is Faux wood blinds. And also you can use any type of cleaning product on Faux wood blinds to clean because you don’t have to worry about damaging any fine wood grains their wood counterparts have. And you can remove the slats to dust and sanitize them.

Generally there are two slat sizes in Faux wood blinds, 2” and 2 ½”. Faux wood blinds with 2” slats are the traditional size and work well with the most window sizes. When fully tilted open, there will be a 2” gap between the slats. Faux wood blinds with 2 ½” slats are good choice for larger windows. This is primarily because the larger slat size is more proportional to the window size. The larger slat size looks less busy in larger windows; larger slats also means fewer slats. And larger slat size let in more light and provides grater view- through when slats are tilted open.

But some Faux woods tend to be heavier and can create a bit larger stack at the top of the window which can decrease some light when raised. If you have a large or oversized window, you might struggle when raising or lowering the blinds. And color options are also limited. You might be able to get your Faux wood blinds in the color you need, if you have them custom made. But it will be costly and because of the materials used in manufacturing Faux wood blinds you will not be able to re-stain them. Which means when you choose a color, you a are forever stuck with them or you have to replace it completely with new blinds.However, Fax wood blinds are the economical, inexpensive choice to give your home the “natural” look you want to achieve. Faux wood blinds continue to be one of the most popular window treatments for their versatility and uncomplicated design.

Real Wood Blinds.

Real wood blinds or natural wood blinds are most commonly constructed using American Bass wood. Bamboo, Cherry and Oak are the other woods use in real wood blinds. Also these real wood blinds are available in variety of stains and finishes. There are several slat sizes used in real wood blinds like 1”, 1 3/8”, 2”, 2 ½”, and even 3”. The appeal of authentic wood blinds is hard to match from any other window treatment. The rich and warm texture of wood creates a timeless appeal. At the same time, wood beautifully complements homes with modern architecture too as it pairs well with any wooden furniture.

Real wood blinds can provide better insulation for your home because wood blinds absorb more cold and heat. But it is not so suitable for high humidity areas in your home. These real wood blinds are light weight and long lasting and are available in more varied size options, an important factor when covering large or oversize windows. And because of the light weight, you can easily open and close these real wood blinds, even one on a larger size window. Dense Basswood offers maximum light control and privacy. Whether your bedrooms and living spaces face other homes in your neighborhood, or you live in a sunny community, you’ll rest assured knowing your window treatments are protecting you from onlookers and the elements alike.

It is possible to find real wood window treatments for your home that are both corded and cordless. Many families prefer cordless blinds because they are the safest option for children and pets. While the original form of the wood is light in color, or can be easily be re-stained to any shade. Hues range from golden oak to forest green to cherry.

On regular basis, wood blinds can be simply dry dusted with a clean cloth. For a deep clean, use of water is to be avoided to prevent damage. Instead, real wood blinds can be cleaned with a soft cloth that is lightly sprayed with a furniture polish or lemon oil. In case of badly soiled blinds, you can use a mild detergent in tepid water on a clean cotton cloth. But be sure to rinse with clean water and dry with a cotton cloth immediately as moisture can damage wood.

Real wood blinds are attractive, but it is also susceptible to the elements. Slats can swell and warp in humid or moist areas, such as the kitchens and bathrooms. They ate also not the ideal choice for garages, patios or sunrooms. And these real wood blinds are more expensive than some other window treatments. It’s helpful to compare and contrast their long life and cost over other options before making a purchase.

So the best is to take a help from professionals to choose the best window blind for your home. At Orange Beach Blinds we have a highly trained, professional staff here with us to guide you through the journey to choose the best window treatment to your home. You can trust in us to know we can help you with a variety of styles, looks and materials for your Blinds. And we are pleased to be able to assist so many client’s for more than 25 years since this family business started back in 1995. So just pay a visit to our Orange Beach Blinds showroom or contact us on 251-597-4505.

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