To make a house into your dream home with all the other little things you should choose the best window treatments for your windows which are the focal points that immediately attract the eye upon entering a room. And those windows mostly control the amount of natural light that will enter your home. Because of that window your home play an important role in the overall enjoyment of each room if your home, so when you make your choice about window treatment that you are going to install, you have to choose very wisely. If you are in a rough spot trying to make a decision, seek professional knowledge. So we, Orange Beach Blinds, are here at Orange Beach, Alabama, looking forward to help the citizens here who owns homes with breath taking views that you will never can find in any other place. Between the home owners here, Wood and Faux wood blinds are a famous choice. So if you are also stuck between these two, struggling to make a decision, here are some pros and cons, and some differences between Wood and Faux wood blinds to make your choice more easier. Blinds are one of the most common, window covering that used in homes and offices. Mostly,
blinds are choosen for practicality and function rather than aesthetics. Many people like the look of Wood blinds but aren’t sure whether real or faux wood is the best choice for them. Real wood blinds can give any room in your home a sense of warmth, comfort and sophistication. Wooden window blinds may require some tender loving care, but there is no denying the fact that they are certainly well worth any extra effort that might be required. Most Wood blinds are made from North American hardwoods, most oftenly Basswood. Wood blinds
do provide excellent insulation because of the strong wood construction and they offer superior privacy and shield furniture and art from harsh sunlight. Real wood blinds are lightweight and long lasting and are available in more varied size option, which will you be needed when covering larger or oversized windows. And also have a variety of beautiful stains and colour options to you to choose from. And it also comes in both cord and cordless mechanisms. Dense basswood offers light control and privacy. Whether your bedroom and living spaces face other homes in your neighborhood, or you live in a sunny community, you’ll rest assured knowing your window treatments are protecting you from onlookers and the elements alike. And also, since there is less light and heat coming into your house, you’ll be able to save lot of air conditioning and heating bills. Each slat in Wood blinds are removable, so they are super easy to clean and dust. But with the time, these slats can be swell and warp in humid or moist areas. And Wood blinds can be more expensive than Faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds and fabric shades. Faux wood blinds are an alternative to real wood blinds, Faux wood is also known in some countries as Plaswood ( plastic and wood). Made of a composite of man-made materials and natural wood particles, Faux wood can be a less expensive choice than, natural wood. Faux wood blinds are easy to clean as any type of cleaning products can be used since you don’t have to worry about damaging any of the fine grain of real wood. Due to the unique composition of

Faux wood blinds, they are more flexible than true wood blinds, which makes them more resilient to wrapping or cracking. Nowadays, Faux wood blinds are warp resistant, have UV ratings as high as 500 and come in colours that would be hard to find in natural Wood blinds. But you cannot re-stain them if your preferences change. If you want a different colour, you will need to purchase a new set. And some Faux wood tend to be heavier and can create a bit larger stack at the top of the window which decrease some light when raised. If you have larger or oversized windows, you might struggle when raising or lowering this blind. There are a few ways to choose your ideal type of wood blinds. First you have to consider your budget. Weigh cost and durability, Real wood may cost more at the beginning of your purchase, but it has the potential to last much longer than a Faux product. Then, determine how often you will change your decorative scheme, if you plan on making drastic colour changes to your exterior or interior in the near future, think about the cost to re-stain vs. the price of a complete exchange. When in doubt, consult our professional team here Orange Beach, Alabama. We can assist you in creating any look you wish to achieve. We can show what is available and assist you in making important choices. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your house. Let our Orange Beach Blinds team create the look you always desired but never thought you would have. Let our experts show you how we can transform your house with Orange Beach shutters services and revamp your house both inside and out.

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