Plantation Shutters also known as Plantation Blinds are Interior shutters with wide louvers, which are usually 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches wide. These are the most popular type of shutters across the country but particularly in warmer southern and western states. Aside from just the look, there are plenty of reasons like less expensiveness, minimal maintenance and upkeep for this to be a popular choice. And also these plantation shutters are quite versatile.


These plantation shutters comes in three types of materials, vinyl, composites and wood. The least expensive ones are vinyl plantation shutters, but if the shutters are large, these vinyl plantation shutters can have structural issues. The second material, composite, which is also known as engineered wood, fake wood or faux wood are made of engineered wood which is MDF wrapped in vinyl or PVC coating. These composite plantation stores shutters are very sturdy and also weather and humidity resistant. The third material, wood is made using true wood and the gold standard of plantation shutter is basswood. These wood plantation shutters has the highest strength – to – weight ratio making it very light and strong. Wood plantation shutters can be honed into custom shapes and sizes, and can be painted or stained unlike vinyl and composite plantation shutters.


shutters comes in variety of styles and louver sizes. Size of the louver is often choose based on the size and the ceiling height of the room. Most house owners install these plantation shutters for every room in their homes while some house owners limit it to the certain rooms like kitchen and den. When designing and installing plantation shutters you should choose wisely because plantation shutter design and installation plays a huge part on light control for inside of your home.

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