For some people, window treatments could be an afterthought, but that shouldn’t be the case because nothing has the power to change a room, like a breathtaking vista or a flood of morning light. Therefore, it stands to reason that window dressings matter.

It’s not always simple to gauge what a space requires from its window treatments. When the ideal solution is chosen, it can make any décor scheme sing. It includes a calculation of directional light that varies during the day, the kinds of jobs that will take place in the room, and the level of formality required.

A home’s windows can disclose a lot about it. Lackluster window treatments can drastically diminish the appeal of a well-designed space, much like a terrible haircut can destroy the look of even the most expensive dress. For this issue, Orange Beach Blinds are a fantastic solution. An exquisite, custom, and high-quality window treatment, as opposed to inexpensive blinds, really ties everything together, improves a home’s appearance and feel, and in some circumstances, may even serve as the room’s visual focal point. Here are a few illustrations of how stylish blinds, shades, and curtains can transform any space in your house and make it completely swoon-worthy.

You can use solar screens to block the sun (while protecting your view). On a hot day, you want some shade but don’t necessarily want to stop the idea out of your windows. Orange Beach Blinds Designer solar screens eliminate the need for decision-making. Solar screens allow you to see the world around your home even on the brightest days, thanks to their UV-blocking solid capabilities and range of styles and opacities.


Blackout curtains that provide unrivaled peace and style. The purpose of blackout shades and blinds is to keep light out of a windowed room. However, blackout treatments occasionally forego style in favor of functionality to achieve their objectives. But with sophisticated blinds or shades, your windows can simultaneously serve two purposes: they can completely block the light while also providing a fashionable touch.


Cellular blinds may block out light while preserving privacy. These top-down, bottom-up shades are the best option if you want to let in some light but don’t want to let in nosy neighbors. Your room’s brightness and visibility to the outside world can be entirely controlled by its adaptable opening and shutting mechanisms.


Roller shades give any space a touch of the tropics. If you don’t think window curtains could potentially bring back memories of your trip to the Caribbean, reconsider. Designer shades have the tremendous benefit of being available in a vast range of styles and materials, like these gorgeous ones made of “Tahiti Bone” material that transforms any space into a tropical paradise.


Transitional shades can add a whole new level of enjoyment. Your home’s rooms don’t all have the same aesthetic, so why should their window coverings? Orange Beach Blinds’ Designer shades allow you to match each room’s distinct style (and mood) because there are so many different styles and fabrics to pick from. This will enable you to use more exciting materials for the areas of your home that are more lively, as these transitional hues demonstrate.


Cellular shades in a material that complements your style. Window treatments are frequently offered in neutral tones, which is a wise choice for some areas. However, there’s no reason blinds or shades can’t be used in areas with an intense accent hue. Just have a peek at these unique blue custom cellular shades. A little bit of color goes a long way, and bespoke colors may blend in with any vibrant design scheme.


Roman blinds can act as the focal point of a space. On the other hand, designer blinds or shades can serve as accent pieces. Like these flat roman shades, a well-designed window treatment may catch the eye and provide a little more life to a more neutrally designed room rather than painting an accent wall or having a sofa that stands out.


Vertical blinds add coziness to any space. Perhaps the last place you picture when you think of “cozy” is a room with many windows. The correct designer treatment, however, can make your windows work in your favor. So even enormous windows can be made to seem cozy and private with handmade vertical blinds that block out the outside world and give you peace of mind.


These are just a few instances of how designer blinds and shades can make your house envy the neighborhood. Call 251-597-4505 to set up a free consultation with the window specialists at Orange Beach Blinds to learn more or to begin upgrading your window coverings. We’ll help you make the best decision for your house! Since we started this family business in 1995, we have ranked first.

From beginning to end, we oversee each stage of the procedure. The process starts with a free virtual or in-person design consultation to hear about your goals, consider your options, and address any issues you may have.





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