Preparing your little one’s nursery is a magical experience that can never compare to anything in the world. It is the pure love you have for your little one in the deepest of your heart. So naturally, you want the best for your child, so when selecting the window treatments for the nursery, you have a lot to consider.

Which ones create the safest, most soothing environment? Will they provide enough privacy during feedings and changings? Which options are cute and easy to clean?

So this can be a little bit overwhelming.

Window treatments can significantly impact how a room looks and feels and are something you and your family will interact with every day – so you must achieve a result that’s both beautiful and practical.

Blackout Shades
Blackout shades or drapes may not appear to have a place in the gentle, peaceful nursery you’ve imagined at first glance. But, because infants sleep for such long periods, shutting off the strong sunshine can help your little one sleep well.

Inside-mount shades are best combined with drapes for a softer, more full effect. Adding blackout shades behind drapes will keep your baby’s room dark during naps, creating a relaxing environment. They also reflect heat from the day, keeping your youngster comfortable and safe while they sleep.

Furthermore, blackout window treatments don’t have to be black, so the window treatments can still be coordinated with the rest of the design scheme.

Blackout shades come in a variety of colors and designs, and they offer a fun touch to the decor of your child’s room.

Roman Shades
Because they can be moved up or down to control light and privacy, Roman shades are a popular choice for nursery window treatments. They also include cordless assemblies, ideal for a baby’s room.

Roman shades have a fitted appearance and come in various fabrics and patterns.

Cellular Shades
Cellular shades allow you to protect your privacy while still enjoying the benefits of natural light. Furthermore, their honeycomb construction insulates windows and saves energy, and their cordless form makes them safe for nurseries.

To manage light and privacy, some cellular blinds may be lowered from the top or elevated from the bottom. Cellular shades come in various colors and materials, with variable degrees of opacity. To properly control the amount of light in the room, pair them with window-length curtains.

Roller Shades.
Roller shades provide greater light control and blocking because they are made of a single solid sheet of material. In addition, roller blinds match well with curtains because of their small bulk, giving them even more adaptability.

At Orange Beach Blinds, we have a highly trained and informed the professional team on hand to help you choose the perfect nursery window treatment for your house. Since we started this family business in 1995, we’ve been the best window treatment provider.

We stand by the products we use and the job we accomplish for our clients. We hope to be given a chance to show you why we are the ideal window treatment and service provider.

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