Simple framing of the ideal view is made easy with picture windows.

With picture windows from Orange Beach Blind, you can fill the center of your house with gorgeous views and lots of natural light. Our picture windows may radically renew your daily point of view, especially in places with high ceilings. They are created to order and are available in various shapes, all securely sealed shut.

Discover why our picture windows are the best option for your house.

  • Improved durability and strength against wind and weather.
  • Using energy-efficient architecture lets you keep your home pleasant while saving money.
  • It significantly boosts natural light and harmonizes beautifully with existing window components.
  • Our high-quality vinyl components, unlike wood, never chip, peel, fracture, or warp.

Picture windows can be decorated to highlight their qualities while maintaining a classic aesthetic with a few straightforward interior design techniques.



To draw emphasis to the picture window and soften its angular edges, drape the left and right sides of the window from floor to ceiling. To create the appearance of a wider window and to let the most natural light into the space, place a curtain rod on either wall side of the window rather than inside the glass. To make the window appear higher:

  1. Attach the rods one inch from the ceiling.
  2. Choose textiles that blend in with the style of the area, such as embroidered silk curtains for a French-inspired design or woven tapestry fabric for a Tuscan-inspired setting.
  3. After hanging them, slide the cloth an inch over the moldings on the right and left window to make them appear to be a part of the window.



Use valances to adorn the window and create visual height. Run a curtain rod the entire length of the picture window, attaching it one inch below the ceiling. The rod’s high location makes the top appear higher and provides the best possible natural light because it barely covers the window glass. Choose a fabric that will complement the color, pattern, and style of the room’s décor. For instance, scalloped lace variations may complement the aesthetic of cottage homes, while pleated, chevron-patterned valances may be used in contemporary settings. Valances are an easy method to improve a picture window and soften the look of the window lines.



Weathered shutters can be used to give the picture window a rustic look. To match the room’s color scheme, buy wood shutters and paint them that color. To make the shutters appear antique and bring out the fissures:

  1. Rub them with an antiquing solution once they have dried.
  2. Sand them by hand in specific places to represent years of use.
  3. From just below the ceiling to the bottom of the window sill, hang the shutters on either side of the window.

Without impeding the sunlight or view, the shutters will make the window appear broader and adorn the window. Use to provide a stylish finishing touch to a home in a rural, primitive, or early American design.



1. Tab Top Sheer Curtains

These adorable and enchanting picture window curtains are not only reasonably priced, but they also provide the ideal level of privacy. Additionally, it is constructed of polyester cloth with a mere appearance to let light into your house.

2. Curtains with a retro pattern

Try these ideas for picture window designs that stand out for a hint of vintage appeal. Each panel features a damask pattern in a color that contrasts with the backdrop hue, which is always neutral. It has a tab top header for a tidy appearance and a liner that creates a blackout effect.

3. Whispering Wave Curtain

This picture window treatment is sheer with delicate accents and exudes sophistication and class. It is woven with wavy details from polyester and a combination of linen. The outcome is a delightful pattern that will grab everyone’s interest.

4. Dark-colored drapes

These picture window curtains, sold in sets of two, provide a blackout effect in a solid, neutral tone. While its drapes are made of a silky cloth, its top tab is formed of grommet rings. Thermal characteristics that are insulated for improved energy efficiency.


Are you looking to simplify your experience with image window shopping? You must be happy with every procedure step, from selecting your new windows to hiring a specialist to finish the work. Orange Beach Blind’s window specialists ensure that the entire window-buying process is straightforward.

We’ll help you make the best decision for your house! Since we started this family business in 1995, we have ranked first. Call us at 251-597-4505 right away.



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