The home décor sector in Alabama has seen substantial changes due to Silverhill Alabama’s noticeable economic growth. Interior designers favor choosing window coverings that have a beautiful appearance and contribute to saving energy. This explains why vertical and horizontal insulating blinds are so popular.

Solar heat gain is a significant issue in the state, especially in structures with south-facing glass. Because of this, homeowners in Silverhill, Alabama, employ energy-efficient window coverings to keep their homes at a consistent temperature.

What Window Treatments Are the Most Popular in Silverhill, Alabama?

Since Alabama is comparably hotter than other states, the most common window treatments they use are heat-reducing ones.

Due to their capacity to offer the most significant amount of insulation against hot air, heavy blinds and shades are highly sought for. They also assist you in protecting your privacy and regulating the quantity of light that enters your home. Shades are a powerful tool for lowering solar heat gain.

At Orange Beach Blinds, you may choose from various blinds and shades. We provide a unique selection of shades, including pleated, honeycomb cellular, bamboo woven wood, roman, roller, sheer shadings, and skylight. Vertical blinds, imitation wood blinds, and aluminum blinds are some of our most well-liked blinds.

Cellular honeycomb shades

Use energy-efficient mobile devices to maintain a calm, quiet atmosphere within the home. They are the safest option for houses with young children because they have kid-friendly cordless lifts.

Honeycomb or cellular shades are insulating, portable, and come in various colors.

Woven bamboo wood

Any window you want to cover with bamboo shades, or woven wood blinds, as they are usually known, will look elegant. Our woven wood blinds are made from bamboo materials, with distinctive color variations and textures that enhance the beauty of every window.

These woven wood blinds have a distinct and wildly popular natural appearance. With the addition of bamboo window coverings, your house will be transformed into a tranquil hideaway where you can unwind without leaving. Since no two bamboo blinds are the same, you will receive a lovely, one-of-a-kind item that will add value to any environment in which it is used. Our bamboo-weaved wood shades are constructed from premium, naturally regenerative materials.

Roman shades

Some of the most enduring and well-liked window coverings are roman shades. To fit your décor, pick from a massive selection of designer fabrics and patterns.

The delicacy of drapery and the practicality of shades are both offered by our handmade Roman shades. We provide styles you will adore for years, ranging from understated and elegant to striking and commanding.

Add light-blocking or blackout lining to your window treatments for the best light control in any room.

Roller Shades

Let your personality shine with the massive range of color and pattern roller shades! They are simple to maintain and use, making it easy to keep them looking new.

Roller blinds with specialized top and bottom treatments and fabrics roll off from the front rather than the back.

Sheer shading

There are numerous patterns for sheer shades. Typically, they are made up of sheer fabric layers sandwiched between soft fabric panels. They subtly tame the approaching sun.

Blinds and sheer shades have a stylish room-darkening and light-filtering effect. From Orange Beach Blinds, sheer shades are inexpensive, light-filtering window coverings.

Pleated shades

One layer of fabric is folded into pleats to create pleated shades, which are energy efficient and have a bespoke appearance.

Pleated window treatments offer a wide range of colors and offer privacy. Although pleated shades are less expensive than cellular shades, they provide less insulation.

Solar screen

The solar screen provides a wide selection of outstanding adhesive films because every window has unique needs.

An excellent technique to lessen summertime heat and light is solar screens. They may be fixed panels put on a window or a roller shade.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a cost-effective way to cover and insulate sizable windows in your house, place of business, or apartment. The standard window treatment for large sliding glass doors is vertical vinyl blinds.

Vertical blinds are practical and long-lasting. These specific PVC window coverings have a 22 gauge slat for privacy and light control. This blind is easy to operate. You can see through the window without obstructions by pulling the blind open. This vertical blind provides complete seclusion when closed.

These sleek vertical vinyl blinds will keep their shape forever and won’t chip, warp, or fracture. You can choose the ideal complement for your home from the many hues offered.

Faux wood blinds

Our faux wood vertical blinds are the best choice for value, quality, and aesthetic appeal in your home or workplace because of how elegant and polished they seem. For continuity in style from one room to the next, their realistic wood stain hues match those offered in our Faux wood horizontal blinds.

These vertical faux wood blinds are built to last and are simple to maintain, thanks to their robust design. They are an appropriate and safe option for locations with a lot of dampness, just like all of our imitation wood options. These wood-like vertical blinds have multiple worm gear mechanisms for tighter closure and self-aligning carrier stems made of sturdy polycarbonate.

Aluminum blinds

Metallic micro blinds from Orange Beach Blinds make customizing your windows simple and economical. These blinds are ideal for almost any window application because of their adaptability and short mounting depth.

Our aluminum micro blinds are created from fine, 6-gauge aluminum that has been spring-tempered. They are resistant to bends, dents, and scratches. As standard features, the blinds have updated headrail mechanisms, a non-slip grip wand for tilting, and a clutch pull cord.


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