French doors are a timeless design element that will offer elegance to your house for years to come. They enable access to previously closed-off sections to the rest of the house, giving visitors a sense of grandeur as they travel from room to room or out onto a patio.

However, like with any window, the correct covering is essential for privacy and light management. This is why it is best to have a window treatment installed on your French door. This article will help you select the best window treatment for your French doors.

Cellular Shades

Because cellular shades are lightweight and do not protrude far from the window frame, they are ideal for French doors. Cellular shades can be created in narrower widths than many other window treatments.

They also act as insulators across bigger portions of glass where energy might be lost as their cell design consists of air spaces to decrease heat loss. Cellular shades give greater light control and privacy to your French doors. The latter enables natural light into the interior while maintaining privacy, making it an excellent window treatment for your French doors. Further, the availability of a large range of colors and lift types makes it simple to get the appropriate hue to fit the décor of your house.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are also one of the best options for French doors.  These shades are constructed of natural bamboo reeds or woven grass materials that bring texture and natural color to the space.

To control the light flow, an optional liner such as a light filter or backout can be used. For a modern and elegant statement on your doors, use a braided wood shade. While also a variety of unique motorized mechanisms enable you to operate these shades with the press of a button.

Roman Shades

A Roman Shade is one of the best window treatments for privacy on French doors. They are easy to maintain and cost effective. Roman shades are available in a broad range of colors, textures, and trimmings, allowing you to tailor the look of your French doors to match the style of your house.

The delicate folds of a Roman shade complement the clean lines of the French door design. A roman shade with a high-quality cloth will provide significant light blocking, but an extra room darkening lining can be used for really bright locations.

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