Every home should include corner windows because they enhance vistas and foster a connection with nature. But choosing the right window covering corner windows in Summerdale, AL, can be tricky.

The six most popular window coverings for corner windows are here in this blog. We have you covered if you like the layered effect but aren’t sure how to style your corner windows.


The best option for corner windows is a double curtain that includes a blockout fabric and a sheer fabric. Separate controls for the curtains can let in mild, diffused light during the day and total darkness at night. Control the curtains with automation for convenience using a remote, a smart device, or our app for smartphones and tablets.

The advantage of curtains is that you can put them on a single, continuous track that may be shaped to fit around corner windows. To give a room a sense of height, curtain tracks are typically fastened to the ceiling in modern homes. In contrast, it’s common in older homes to install these to the wall and cover the curtain heading with a pelmet specially made for a corner window. Both approaches enclose the window and block all light.

Double curtains on curved rails make the best possible light and privacy control possible.

Plantation shutters

Custom shutters are yet another attractive and valuable option for corner windows. We provide the broadest selection of plantation shutters in the USA, made of PVC or wood.

Plantation shutters can be manufactured to order to accommodate windows of any size or shape. If you have a bay window or a corner window with a 45- or 90-degree inner angle, we can create a solution specifically for you.

For a sleek and seamless appearance, it looks ideal when Plantation Shutters can be fitted into the recess of the window frame. However, you might need to attach the Shutter to the outside of the window frame if there is a barrier, like a winder.

This is known as face fit, and our wide selection of frames may beautifully complete the look.

Plantation Shutters provide excellent light and privacy control because of their almost 180-degree rotating blades.

Roller blinds.

One of the most popular window coverings for every house room is the roller blind. They can be automated, are very adaptable, and are inexpensive.

There will be a few tiny light openings when using roller blinds on a corner window, although they are modest. This can be a simple and cost-effective window covering solution for main living rooms where you don’t need a complete blockout.

Cellular blinds.

Similar to horizontal blinds, cellular blinds offer smaller light gaps and can be utilized in curved or corner windows and skylights. Because of their thermal advantages, cellular blinds are a perfect fit for contemporary and minimalist environments.

Cellular blinds are appropriate for main living areas and bedrooms since they come in light-filtering or light-blocking textiles. They can open from the bottom up (as a roller blind), from the top down, or in both directions.

The Roman Blinds.

Roman Blinds are an excellent window covering option for corner windows if you want a softer, frequently more ornamental option.

You can design Roman Blinds to match your home’s interior style or color palette by selecting from our extensive materials.

Thermal insulation is another advantage of Roman blinds; it keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Pelmets with angles.

Pelmets can be an attractive way to finish the look, regardless of the window treatment you choose for your corner window.

Our pelmets are created to order, and we design an angled pelmet for bay or corner windows to match your area.

These are designed to complement your window covering for a seamless appearance and are available in bonded or cushioned styles in both curtain and blind materials.

Pelmets are a great technique to increase insulation, close light gaps, and give a personalized finish.

Treatment in combination.

Combinations of options are the final style of window covering that works best for corner windows. This entails decorating the window with a curtain and either recessed shutters or blinds or fastening them to the wall above.

Options for combinations include:

  • Blinds + Curtain + Roller
  • Mobile Blind and Curtain
  • Roman shades plus a curtain, or
  • Curtain and Plantation Shutters

Combination treatments can address corner window issues and give you the best of both worlds. For instance, bay windows with built-in window seats are standard in bedrooms. In this situation, the curtains would need to be cropped if they were intended to curve around the window, which some people prefer to avoid. 

Recessed fit Plantation Shutters complement the window’s design, and full-length curtains on a track in front can be drawn shut at night for total darkness. They can be pulled open and stacked on either side of the window throughout the day, creating a fashionable appearance.

It’s important to take care of your corner windows whether you choose roller shades, roman shades, a curtain rod, wood blinds, wrinkles, or any other window treatment to give your house the perfect finishing touches. 

‘Knowing what kind of window covering to use on corner windows in Summerdale, AL, can be challenging.’

Visit Orange Beach Blinds in Summerdale, AL, where an interior consultant can help you pick the most acceptable window covering for your corner window in Summerdale, AL. It’s also helpful to take pictures of your window before you come so we can talk with you about any potential problems, such as blockages. Dial 850-203-0419 to speak with Orange Beach Blinds right away. Orange Beach Blinds can answer any queries you have concerning window treatments.





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