Every home needs window treatments, which can also be an excellent way to add style and personality. You’re in luck if you’re seeking some ideas for the top window treatment trends for 2022. We’ll talk about six of the most well-liked window treatment styles in this post, which are predicted to be more popular than ever this year.



Multi-functionality is one of the significant trends in window coverings this year. Both residential and commercial property owners seek window styles that can do more than hide the light and offer solitude. They desire window coverings for the room that may be used as functional and attractive features.

Roller shades with built-in blackout lining and dual shades that provide light filtering and room-darkening functionality are two common examples of multi-functional window treatments. Roller shades can filter light, darken a room, and have a dual shade that can accomplish both goals. Roman shades can also be purchased in Day & Night versions, which combine them with Roller Shades to provide this multipurpose benefit.

Therefore, look for options with loads of customization if you want a window treatment that is truly in line with 2022 window treatment trends.



Despite the growth of minimalism, homeowners and business owners still use vibrant colors and patterns. Quite the reverse! This year, colorful and patterned window treatments are becoming more popular.

Brightly colored and energy-efficient cellular honeycomb shades are a few examples of this widely used style. Numerous fascinating prints and patterns, including our opulently textured woven fabrics, are available in thousands of color and pattern cell size combinations for cellular honeycomb shades.

It’s crucial to remember that, as wonderful as it may be to adhere to fashions in style and decoration, color is the ideal way to display your unique personality. Any designer will tell you that execution is everything regarding color. Any color, from soft gray to vivid orange, can leave a good impression if appropriately used. So this year, don’t be scared to inject color into your window treatments! The trend of adopting your flair is the best window treatment trend.


Natural Materials 

Using natural and sustainably produced materials in window dressings is another significant change in 2022 window treatment trends. Sustainable design materials are becoming more and more popular among homeowners and business owners, and this trend includes window treatments. Natural materials provide a warm, earthy appearance that gives any place a comfortable or rustic feel.

The usage of eco-friendly materials is another trend in this field. Homeowners who want to do their part to protect the environment will love these materials because they are manufactured from sustainable products. They are also ideal for bringing a sense of elegance to any environment because they appear and feel natural.

Wooden shutters and blinds from Orange Beach Blind are sourced from managed forests. The Paulownia tree used to create the stained shutters demonstrates its dedication to environmental preservation.

Additionally, there is a growing trend toward reusable window treatments. Reclaimed wood and recycled glass are both examples of this. These materials offer a unique and rustic appearance that can contribute a lot of character and are environmentally sustainable.


Advanced Technology

One of the main window treatment trends for 2022 will be the widespread use of intelligent technologies. Examples of innovative technology are anything that can be controlled with a button and shutters that open and close automatically based on the time of day.

People who want to make their homes more energy-efficient are particularly fond of this trend. They can assist in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature while lowering their energy costs if they incorporate innovative technology into their window treatments.

For instance, the motorized shutters from Orange Beach Blind can be moved following the sun’s path or according to your timetable, allowing or limiting the natural light entering your home. With our motorized window treatments, you may increase natural light or lessen the glare on your computer screen.



In the world of window treatments, where straightforward, subtle designs are becoming more and more popular, minimalism is particularly evident.

Roller shades, now the fastest-selling window treatment on the market, are an excellent illustration of a minimalist window treatment. Their minimalistic style is appealing due to their sleek modern appearance. With a wide range of lift mechanisms, roller shades may be found in various designs and materials to suit any design preference.

Another common choice is sheer shading, which lets in natural light while maintaining privacy when needed. These treatments offer an appealing, simple solution that melds perfectly with the window and the surrounding decor, thanks to their gentle, flowing nature. For a sleek, contemporary solution, shades combine the advantages of a banded/layered shade with a sheer fabric vane shade.

Simple and subtle window treatments are ideal for creating a minimalist vibe in your house or business.



Texture counts when it comes to the impression your window treatment makes. More and more property owners and company owners are seeking ways to give their windows some visual interest, and texture is the ideal way to do so. Roman shades, roller shades with fascinating patterns, and drapes with extra flourishes like tassels or beads are typical examples of textured window treatments.

One piece of advice is to remember that less is often more when adding texture to your window treatment design. A few strategically placed decorations can significantly increase visual interest without overly complicating or clogging the window treatment.

This year, consider alternatives with pleats, ruffles, or intriguing patterns to add texture to your windows.

Creating a welcoming, peaceful, and positive environment for you to enjoy is essential. Following the most recent window treatment trends and style guidelines can be a fantastic place to start. Decide on the style and atmosphere that makes your house feel like a home. In 2022, locally produced goods, recycled and repurposed materials, and eco-friendly missions will lead the way. Instead of a trend that lasts and makes us feel fabulous inside and out, there appears to be a mindset shift.

While we often do not influence what occurs outside our homes, we have power over how they make us feel. Your desired peaceful home can be aided by everything from the floors to the ceilings, including the window treatments. Call Orange Beach Blinds when ready for a personalized window treatment solution. Let’s make it your and your house’s best year yet.





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