It’s critical to nail that home office design, especially now that so many of us are working from home more. Remember to enable natural light in the room to blend in with your chosen items when designing the lighting for your home office design.

Do you prefer a more formal appearance or a more relaxed appearance? Consider your window treatment options carefully while planning your home office.

If your computer screen is near a window, a light-colored blind that blocks glare while still allowing natural light in can be a nice solution.

When dealing with a small home office, choosing a light-colored blind with a subtle – potentially gray-toned – design is an easy way to add interest without sacrificing the minimalist, distraction-free vibe that so many of us seek when working.

Another beautiful example of how elaborately patterned, light-toned blinds can add interest to a home office with a simple scheme is this exquisite Nostalgia Chalk Roller Blind from English Blinds. It not only complements the minimalist aesthetic, but it also enhances the beautiful vista outside.

If you’re going for a relaxing and harmonious look in your home office – which for many people means white or light grey – choose a window treatment that matches the rest of your decor.

Roller blinds are a straightforward solution, especially for busy rooms: they can be pushed all the way up to flood the room with light, but they aren’t as bulky as more classic blind fittings when pulled down, making them great for a compact space. If you want to optimize daylight and make smaller windows appear taller, roller blinds are the way to go. They roll up neatly and conceal a little piece of the windowpane, ensuring full view and sunlight throughout the day.

If you want a more classic vibe to your home office, dark wood shutters are a good choice.

Wood will successfully add a more substantial, more formal feeling to a place, although this will impact the light and brilliant sensation offered by light-colored shutters. Match with Mid-century modern style light fittings to make the traditional finish a touch more contemporary. Style as part of a plan with complementary, rich woods in storage units, the desk, and on the floor.

White shutters are a classy and attractive window treatment idea for any room in the house, especially in a WFH area, as they provide privacy and appeal without losing light. For a traditional look, use thin slats with a push rod; larger slats with a disguised push rod will look more contemporary and let in more light.

Still not sure what to choose? Don’t worry! The window treatment experts here at Orange Beach Blinds are here to help. We have more than 25 years of experience working with thousands of clients. Just contact us on 251-597-4505.

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