Looking for the best classic Roman Shades in Perdido key, Florida? Then you have arrived at the right place. At Orange Beach Blinds, our mission is to make sure you are total satisfied with the final results we provide you. It also isn’t all just about appearance. Sure the end result should be flattering to your living space but it also should be as functional as it is striking. With us at the Orange Beach Blinds you can work with a team of professional consultants who know the crucial benefits and not just push you to make a decision based in looks or high price.

Basically Roman Shades are a fabric window covering that can be lowered or raised with a cord mechanism or cordless mechanism. Typically, cords run vertically in the outer side of the blind running through evenly spaced horizontal stiffener rods or eyelets or the back of the shade and then attached at the bottom of the blind. In this case, the opened portion of the blinds remain smooth, while the bottom will be stacked evenly. Roman shades can also made with top-down- bottom-up mechanisms which allow only the top of the shade to come down allowing for privacy yet still letting in natural light from the top of the window. Nowadays, Roman shades are available in both rolling and stacking options. The stacking style Roman shades has no exposed cords so it is more appropriate and safe for the homes with children and pets. One of the cons that Roman shades have is that they are not always the best choice for a room like a kitchen. Since Roman shades are made of fabric, they tend to stain and hold humidity. Roman shades tend to require lots of maintenance. For some people, this can be an issue, but it does not have to be if you take time to do basic things like dusting the shades in a regular manner. This can be prevented stains and other damages.

At Orange Beach Blinds we have more than 25 years of experience and have been the best in window treatments industry since this family business started back in 1995 with the variety of styles, looks, materials and the best professional service we have for you. We guarantee you that our team at Orange Beach Blinds will take your property to a whole new level. It will be our honor to give you our professional knowledge based on 25 years of experience we have in window treatments to you and assist you to choose best window treatments for your property in Perdido Key, Florida. Just stop by our showroom or give us a call on 251-597-4505.

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“Orange Beach Blinds is a family-owned business with more than 25 years of experience in providing professionally measured and installed beautiful, custom window coverings for any budget. We love what we do!”

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